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That is what our founder says about our clients

That is what we say about our founder


Inspired by the magical power of lashes, Dazzling Lash Bar has treasure hunted for the highest quality materials, curated the most beautiful customizable styles and perfected the coveted intricate technique of russian volume handmade bouquets.  

Embracing her aptitude to bring out a woman's best self, coupled with natural positive vibes and a passionate attitude, it was our founder's dream, Helen, to share with the women of New York City the key attributes of our team; offering top notch service and an unbeatable collection of artisanal lashes. Thusly, Dazzling Lash Bar was born.

Since her debut in 2017, Dazzling Lash Bar quickly became one of NYC’s top rated eyelash extensions salon.  Having been invited to exhibit at NYFW, participating on photo, fashion and beauty sets such as Maybelline designing lashes and brows for a wide arena from working professionals to celebrity lashes and brows for models like Gigi Hadad, Bella, Jari, to the NY Housewives, our core philosophy and dedication has always helped us to persevere towards success.  
Motivated by her appreciation for her clients and team, she showed us her moxie in how she pulled through the delicate situation of the pandemic.  

With years of experience and a loyal clientele, she services you with the most reputable and experienced lashologists in the industry.  When guests visit, they know they are getting the softest, most alluring lashes their face has ever experienced.  DLB has since evolved to being well known as a pretty pink oasis offering the best eyelash extensions in NYC.  

We are truly so grateful and blessed to have such a loving community of amazing women.  With all of our hearts, we thank you for your continuous love and support.  


Dazzling Lash Bar


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