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Dazzling Lash Bar Brow Shaping NYC


Brows.  Lips.  Face.

We use 100% natural anti-bacterial cotton thread to gently shape and remove your unwanted hair.  Finishing with a soothing treatment, a USDA certified organic seaweed infused aloe vera will be applied, leaving your skin feeling soft and silky smooth.

Ancient Hair Removal Technique

WHAT is it?

Originated in Asia.  A twisted loop is fluidly rolled over areas of unwanted hair, plucking the hair at the follicle level.  The results are fast and precise.
WHO is it for?
Everyone.  This is your one-way ticket to get more beautiful brows no matter what you're starting with.  Brows are the curtains that shape our faces.  Perfect brows & lashes is really all you need.  Threading is good for all skin types.
BEAUTY of Threading over Waxing
There are definitive reasons why waxing has become inferior to threading. 
Good for all skin types. 
Results lasts longer than waxing
No longer ingrown hairs. 
Chemical free.  Waxing is harsh and can cause chemical burns and skin damage such as causing red, inflamed, ripped skin or blisters.  Many of the chemicals contained in traditional wax formulas are dangerous for your health.  (If you prefer waxing, make sure they are using organic wax) 
Threading is more precise, giving a cleaner more perfect brow.
Get ready to have the best eyebrows on top of having the best lashes in NYC.
We also do henna eyebrows as part of our brow bar menu.
Formerly sparse, overgrown and crazy brows will all see amazing transformations from threading.

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