The DAZZLING difference.  


Dazzling Lash Bar is the top go to spot for eyelash extensions.  Staying on top of beauty trends, we are the forefront for the new and popular services such as Russian Volume and Mega Volume eyelash extensions, as well as Lash Lifts which includes keratin and tinting services.  Utilizing the best application techniques, we style beautiful lash sets custom designed for your unique face.



Your Dazzling Lash Dollz are loved for their skill in gently styling the perfect lash look to enhance your natural beauty. Consultations are given before your service to ensure the best style, curl, thickness and length to bring out the best for the shape of your eyes and facial features.  Our goal is to have you looking like a gorgeous babe and walking out the door with some serious confidence and swag.  



You can kick off your shoes and enjoy your lash nap more comfortably.  Or, no worries about keeping them on as all our beds have disposable fabric sheets which we change between each client.  All implements are disinfected after each service.  You can rest assure there is cross-contamination here.  


Come, relax and leave with Dazzling Lashes.


Stay In The Know.

The Dazzling INSIDER program - Lashes dazzle more on the inside.  Special rewards are just the beginning.  Sign up today for invitations to exclusive offers.  By joining, you will automatically receive Dazzling Insider offers via email.


Why Get Eyelash Extensions?


We can think of plenty, but here are our top 3 reasons…


1.       Look Good, Feel Good!  Eyelash extensions instantly enhance your eyes dramatically.  Your eyes will look bigger, brighter and more youthful.  The lashes will also bring out the color of your eyes.  Let’s be honest… who doesn’t like compliments?   Fall in love with yourself everyday.


2.       Perfect Lashes, Easy Mornings!  Eyelash extensions will save you time in the morning because you will simply wake up looking beautiful, no need for mascara or makeup.   Yes, “I woke up like this…”


3.      Better Looking Selfies!  The eyes are the single most important feature of any photo. Beautiful eyes make pictures pop.  They say eyes are the windows to your soul, and lashes are the curtains.  Let’s make yours mesmerizing.  


Live.  Love.  Lash.